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Have questions about how to use our online order management system? 

Read below to find answers, rules, guidelines and how-to's.


Is your next delivery date listed as "none" or is not accurate?

If your NEXT DELIVERY DATE listed on the order summary page does not reflect the current week, you do not have an order for the current week.  If you would like to receive delivery this week, you can add items to your order from the product pages, and then click "place immediate order" located by the "submit order" button.  This will generate a delivery for you this week.  Please keep in mind this button is only an option if your order change cut-off time for the current week has not already passed. (typically 2 days before your delivery)


Have questions about the delivery options?

The delivery options dropdown is meant to give you flexibility in the frequency you receive your products.  By selecting these options, you can setup a standing order or a one-time order.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting delivery options:

  1. Any changes you make to delivery options will take affect on the NEXT week's order generation.
  2. Selecting "ONE TIME ORDER" will tell the system that you want to receive this once this week (if your delivery date hasn't passed) or this item once next week (if your delivery date has already passed), but after that it should be dropped from your order.
  3. Selecting "Every 4 weeks" will set this particular product to only come once every four weeks on the first week of each billing cycle.          



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for the service?

We charge monthly service fee of $27.45*, which includes delivery, pick-up and composting of soiled diapers and wipes into safe, high-quality soil.  (*monthly service fee does not include sales tax)

What is the cost for the diapers and wipes?

    Our diapers are only $11.79 per pack (22-44 diapers depending upon the size) and our wipes are $3.59 per pack of 70.


What size diapers do you offer?

EarthBaby compostable diapers are currently available in sizes 1-6. We also offer toddler training pants in size 5-6.


How do your diapers and wipes compare to traditional disposables?

We have worked very hard to provide our customers a compostable diaper that equals the name-brand disposable diapers in every way: comfort, fit, absorbency, convenience, etc. Just like disposables, our diapers have hook and loop closures and elastic gathers the legs, making them both comfortable and leak resistant. The absorbent layer in our diapers contains a combination of natural unbleached FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood pulp and super-absorbent gel. Our wipes are 100% chlorine and fragrance free. We use them with our own children and feel that they are as good as anything we have used previously... except, of course, that all of EarthBaby's products are compostable and biodegradable.


What if I'm traveling or away from my home?

We certainly recognize that our customers will occasionally travel outside of our delivery area for family vacations, and dealing with your diapers while away from home will be up to your personal preference. We recommend that you bring them home and add them to your collection bag for normal pickup. We offer convenient travel-sized, compostable storage bags for purchase in our store that are ideal or this purpose. Alternatively, you may choose to dispose of them in municipal trash collection as you would with traditional disposable diapers. You may find it comforting to know that our diapers & bags will still biodegrade in landfill (albeit MUCH more slowly than they do in a composting environment).


How are the diapers picked up and dropped off at my home?

Each month we will deliver your custom order of diapers, wipes, and collection bags (all biodegradable) to your doorstep. Each week we will pick up the soiled diapers. We come on the same day of the week, every week. If you forget to leave out your soiled diapers, don't worry. Simply put out all of your used diapers the next week and we will take them to to our facility to be composted.


How will I be billed?

Our service is billed every four weeks at the end of each delivery cycle. We accept payment by credit card only (Visa or MasterCard only)


I'm moving. Do I have to stop using EarthBaby service?

If you are moving within our service area, we would like to continue service at your new residence without interruption. Please check availability to see if your new address is in our coverage area. So that we can best meet your needs in the moving process, please call our office at least one week prior to your move so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


What is the cost for the service?

We charge monthly service fee of $27.45**, which includes delivery, pick-up and composting of soiled diapers and wipes into safe, high-quality soil.  (**service fee does not inlude sales tax)


How does composting differ from recycling?

Recycling involves reprocessing old materials into new raw materials, which can later be used to create new products. Glass, Plastic, paper, textiles, and metals are commonly recycled.

Composting is the natural decaying of biodegradable organic material, producing nutrient rich top-soil. The composting process occurs normally in nature, but very slowly (measured in years). Industrial composting accelerates the natural process of decomposition by actively controlling the composting conditions (temperatures, aeration, carbon & nitrogen content) that allow aerobic bacteria to thrive, producing the end product in as little as 14 weeks.


I compost in my backyard now. Can I purchase the diapers and do my own composting?

Reaching the high temperatures required to kill harmful bacterial and pathogens found in human waste is difficult and inconsistent when using common home composting techniques. To ensure that the soil produced when our products are composted is 100% safe, we only offer our diapers and wipes as part of our inclusive service whereby the products are composted in our regulated industrial composting facility.


I have two children. Do I have to pay the service fee for each child?

The monthly service fee for delivery and composting applies to your entire household.  Simply chose the appropriate recurring order for your family's needs.


Is composting human waste safe?

Composting human waste is safe, but only when done properly. Our diapers are composted at elevated temperatures to ensure that any harmful bacteria or pathogens such as salmonella are destroyed during the composting process.


What can I put in the collection bag for pickup?

In order to control the consistency of the materials that we take to our composting facility, we can only accept materials that we provide to our customers. Everything we drop off at your home can be placed in the collection bag - even our packaging is compostable.


Where do I put the dirty diapers?

Along with the diapers and wipes that we offer as part of our service, we also sell compostable collection bags. Many customers will chose to use our collection bags in traditional diaper containers such as the 'diaper champ'. Alternatively, you may chose to collect your diapers outside in a larger trash bin. Depending on the size of the container you are using, a larger bag may be required. Check our products page for a complete listing of the compostable bags that EarthBaby offers.