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We have collected the most commonly asked questions here but if you still have something that you can't find an answer to, our customer care team is available to help. Our office is open Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 5:00 pm.  

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A service fee of $33.99 (plus applicable sales tax) is charged every four weeks. This includes delivery, pick-up, and composting of soiled diapers and wipes into safe, nutrient-rich topsoil. Diapers and diapering products are purchased separately based on your individual needs. There is no minimum monthly order. Nurture diapers are $9.99 - $12.99 per pack. DYPER diapers are $10.80 per pack and wipes are $6.29 per pack.

There is no cost to open or close an account with EarthBaby. There is no long-term contract, and you may cancel your service at any time. There are no hidden fees. We charge a flat service fee (billed once every 4 weeks), competitive prices on the products we sell, plus applicable sales tax.

The service fee for delivery and composting applies to your entire household. Note: This applies to a single family at one delivery address.

According to the California State Board of Equalization, all services that are associated with the transfer of tangible goods are taxable. This also applies to memberships, handling and/or shipping fees.

Items purchased from EarthBaby and the monthly service fee are non-refundable. However, we are always happy to exchange unopened packs of diapers (size 2-6) purchased from us within the past six months for any other size we carry, including exchanging diapers for pull-on pants (and vice-versa) as your needs change. Please contact Customer Service in advance via phone, email, or our exchange page, so we can alert your driver to expect the return and build the exchange into your next delivery. (As the Nurture Size 1 diapers are sold at a lower price than the rest of our diaper packs, we are unable to offer you a one-for-one exchange, but we will be happy to offer you cash credit for the full value of any unopened packs you have to return.) In the unlikely event you receive a defective product, EarthBaby will happily replace the product.

We bill you at the end of each week for items you have received that week. Our service fee is billed once every four weeks. We accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).


EarthBaby provides compostable diapers and pull-on pants by Nurture and DYPER. While there are other compostable diapers on the market, after extensive research we believe Nurture and DYPER provide our customers with the best single-use compostable solution. Both DYPER and Nurture diapers are made with plant-based plastics; are 100% chlorine, GMO, and latex free.

EarthBaby offers Nurture compostable diapers in sizes 1-6 and DYPER compostable diapers in size NewBorn-XL. We also offer DYPER pull-on pants in size Medium-XXL. Diaper sizes and weight recommendations are shown below.

Diaper Weights


We do not offer pick-up only service. Due to anti-scavenging laws, we are legally restricted to collecting diapering products that have been purchased from EarthBaby. In addition, the only way we can control the integrity of what goes into our composting stream is to provide the diapers that we intend to pick up.

We have worked very hard to provide our customers with a compostable single-use diaper that equals the name-brand disposable diapers in every way: comfort, fit, absorbency, convenience, and cost. Just like disposables, our diapers have hook-and-loop closures and elastic gathers at the legs, making them both comfortable and leak resistant. The absorbent layer in our diapers contains a combination of natural unbleached FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood pulp and super-absorbent gel.

EarthBaby offers compostable wipes from DYPER, sold in an 80-count package.


Most newborns will go through 60-80 diapers/week (we recommend 2 packs/week). As your child grows diaper use generally declines to 1 pack a week. For your first order we suggest you purchase 2 packs of diapers, 2 packs of wipes and 1 box of BioBag compostable collection bags.

You have the choice of placing a one-time order or a recurring order. Recurring orders can be scheduled for every week, every other week, or once every four weeks.

Yes. We recommend you schedule your first delivery 2-3 weeks prior to the birth of your child. We will not charge you a service fee until you start our regular weekly service.



EarthBaby compostable diaper service is currently limited to the San Francisco Bay Area. Use the Zip Code Check tool on the bottom of our homepage to see if we deliver to your zip code. Unfortunately, some less populated areas are not economical (or environmentally feasible) for us to service at this time. If you are unsure whether you are inside our coverage area, please contact our customer care team so that we can check for you. If our drivers don't yet deliver to your area, sign up on our waiting list so that we can keep you informed when we expand.



EarthBaby offers two options for diaper collection on our website. You may choose a compostable BioBag or a double-walled 30 gallon paper sack. The compostable BioBags are available in 13 gallon and 33 gallon sizes. The 13 gallon size fits in most diaper hampers or tall kitchen trash cans. Simply collect your diapers in the compostable bag and tie a knot in the top when full. If you choose the 30 gallon paper sack to collect your diapers, simply fold the top and put out for pickup.

Soiled diapers may not be placed directly into a paper grocery bag. When wet, grocery bags are not strong enough to transport soiled diapers. Our drivers will only collect a grocery bag if there is a closed compostable BioBag inside.

Your collection bag may only include diapers/pull-on pants, wipes, nursing pads and bibs that have been purchased from EarthBaby.

We will pick up your soiled diapers every week, whether you receive a delivery or not. We come on the same day of the week, every week, on your assigned service day.

If you forget to leave out your soiled diapers, simply put them out the following week.

We recommend that your pick-up and drop-offs take place at your front door. Please contact our customer service department if you require a different pick-up or drop-off location.

It is very easy to change an order directly on our website. When you sign into EarthBaby it brings you to your account page. The tab titled ‘View/Edit Deliveries’ will give you a snapshot of your orders over the next 4 weeks. You can click on any order and edit it. Additionally, on the ‘My Recurring Items’ tab you can manage any and all recurring orders you have. If you have trouble placing an order, call us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

The deadline to make changes to any order is 48 hours before it's scheduled to be delivered. If you miss the deadline, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Orders are delivered in brown paper bags. We are happy to take back and reuse our paper bags; simply fold the bag flat and leave it out for your driver.

We certainly recognize that our customers will occasionally travel outside of our delivery area for family vacations. Dealing with your diapers while away from home will be up to your personal preference. We recommend, if it is possible, that you bring your diapers home and add them to your collection bag for normal pickup. We offer convenient travel-sized, compostable storage bags for purchase on our website that are ideal for this purpose. Alternatively, you may choose to dispose of them in the municipal trash collection as you would with traditional disposable diapers. If you are going on vacation, be sure to enter your vacation dates on the "vacation" tab of the ordering page. If you are on vacation for four or more consecutive weeks we can put your account on hold and waive your service fee until you return, as long as we are notified directly (via phone, email, or web chat).

If you are moving within our service area, you can continue service at your new residence without interruption. Please check online to see if your new address is in our coverage area. So that we can best meet your needs in the moving process, please call our office at least one week prior to your move so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Whether you’ve graduated to potty training or need to cancel for other reasons, simply contact our customer service department via phone, email, or web chat, and we will cancel your account. You can cancel at anytime and your service will end at the end of the current billing cycle. The service fee is non-refundable.


Recycling involves reprocessing old materials into new raw materials, which can later be used to create new products. Glass, Plastic, paper, textiles, and metals are commonly recycled. Composting is the natural decaying of biodegradable organic material, producing nutrient rich top-soil. The composting process occurs normally in nature, but very slowly (measured in years). Industrial composting accelerates the natural process of decomposition by actively controlling the composting conditions (temperatures, aeration, carbon & nitrogen content) that allow aerobic bacteria to thrive, producing the end product in as little as 14 weeks.

No, you cannot compost diapers in your backyard, as it is unsafe. Reaching the high temperatures required to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens found in human waste is difficult and inconsistent when using common home composting techniques. To ensure that the soil produced when our products are composted is 100% safe, we only offer our diapers and wipes as part of our inclusive service, whereby the products are composted in our regulated industrial composting facility.

No. Human waste composting is a very different process than curbside composting for kitchen scraps, lawn trimmings and cardboard. Please do not put soiled diapers in your city composting bin, as it contaminates their composting stream.