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What parents are saying...

"The single best item we received as a gift with our first child was service from EarthBaby… This service makes things really easy: you can manage your account online or call and speak with a real person. They drop off a starter kit a few weeks before your baby is scheduled to arrive, and it contains everything you need. Then, you can set up a recurring order each week: you put your dirty diapers out on your porch and a friendly delivery driver picks them up and drops off a fresh order. When your baby grows, they exchange your unopened packages of diapers with the new size. Easy."

Tasha L. - Sunnyvale, CA

"I love EarthBaby for all the reasons already listed:
- First and foremost, keeping all those diapers out of landfill
- Providing great diapers at a price below what they are sold for at retail
- Ability to exchange unopened packs
- Great customer service
- Useful other products that can be delivered with your diapers
- Convenient delivery and pick-up."

Jammy M. - San Francisco CA

"We have been using EarthBaby since our son was born on the recommendation of a friend and have found them to be a terrific service! I love the diapers, besides being green, we've have very few blowouts and leaks, and when we have, it's always been an indication that we needed to go up a size."

Marci D. - Oakland, CA

"I find the diapers and wipes to be high-quality, and the service has been fantastic."

Andrew M. - San Francisco, CA

"It is rare that one gets to say this, but EarthBaby exceeds my expectations at just about every touch point. From customer service (outstanding), to delivery (100% reliable), to products (BEST diapers), EarthBaby has been fantastic. I have been using them for a year and a half and am so grateful for their service."

Nicole T. - San Francisco, CA

"I am so thoroughly happy with the service and the diapers that EarthBaby provides! This company exceeds my expectations! I am absolutely thrilled that we can do our small part of saving the earth from a landfill filled with approximately 5,000 diapers (the average number of disposable diapers that one child uses)!!"

Megan A. - San Francisco, CA

"EarthBaby diapers are just as easy and convenient as pampers. Really! No difference in performance or ease of use. I don't have to use up my trash can space with diapers and I can feel good about our decision. Bravo EarthBaby!!"

Gina B. - San Jose, CA

"This service rocks, and the products are incredible, especially the diapers themselves.  I've tried biodegradable diapers, none fit to prevent leaks like these.  The pricing, flexibility (start/stop or postpone while you're away, change order, all without being charged,), quality and reliability of the service are truly remarkable.  I love knowing that my baby is not contributing to the landfill problem, I hope they will eventually be available to everyone!"

Jennifer T. - San Jose, CA