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How It Works


1. Sign up & place your first order online.

If you are still expecting, we will put your account on hold and you will not be charged until you are ready to start service.





2. Diapers and wipes are delivered to your door. 

You can set up a recurring order and never worry about running out of diapers.

We recommend setting up your first delivery two weeks before your due date.

We provide service to apartments, condos, and houses. Our drivers carry keys and codes, so gated entryways are not a problem. We can even make special arrangements to pick up and drop off at separate locations at your home. 

Request a free diaper sample today!

3. Dirty diapers are picked up every week.

EarthBaby drivers will pick up your dirty diapers every week, whether you have a new delivery or not.

Note that we will only collect and compost diapers that have been purchased directly from EarthBaby. Diapers and diapering products that have been purchased from other retailers will not be collected.

4. Dirty diapers are composted in just 14 weeks. 


Finished compost is sold commercially as a blended topsoil and used for landscaping, sod growing, and roadside plantation projects.