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Service Fee

• $33.99 Billed every 4 weeks.

• Service fee includes delivery, pick up, composting, size exchange, and online ordering. 

• The service fee does not include the cost of products.



NATY Size NB - 1:  $7.99 per pack 

• NATY Size 2 - 6: $11.99 per pack

• NATY Pull on Pants: $12.29 per pack 

• DYPER Size NB - XL: $12.80 per pack 

• Product purchases are billed weekly.

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Fragrance Free Wipes

$3.89 per pack (56 count)

• Product purchases are billed weekly.

• EarthBaby exclusively sells Nature Babycare wipes.

• Also available in Aloe, Lightly Scented, Flushable, and Travel Size.



Diaper Size, Weight, & Count



Sizing Guidelines




Helpful Ordering Info


On average a newborn will go through 78 diapers per week (3 packs of size 1 diapers).
By the time baby reaches around 15 pounds, he or she will begin to wet less, and Mommy and Daddy will have become diaper changing experts. Usage will taper down to around 35 diapers per week. 

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